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Prosecutors’ Final Indictment

With the opening of proceedings at the Prosecutors’ have just presented the final indictment.

The Myanmar State, which includes departments of government, the extensive
military complex, the police, the border police, senior members of the ruling
National League for Democracy Party, the President, Htin Kyaw and State
Counsellor, Aung San Suu Kyi, stands accused of the following crimes with
relation to Kachin and Rohingya ethnic groups, and the Muslim population:
State sponsored and state led massacres, extrajudicial executions,
murders, disappearances, drownings, rape and sexual violence, the
destruction of homes and of whole villages, the wholesale denial of civil
rights, in the context of state terror. Gross, widespread and systematic
violations of the right to life, economic, social and cultural rights
particularly the right to health and livelihood, the right to food and food
sovereignty and the right to freedom from interference with the family and
home – all in the context of systematic and targeted state violence and
terror. Furthermore, there is evidence of gross, widespread and systematic
violations of civil and political rights, particularly the right to
self-determination of peoples, the right to participation in political and
social life and violations of women’s and children’s rights.
While not within the purview of this Indictment, the Prosecution recognises the
signi?cant role of Myanmar language media outlets, Rakhine ultra-nationalists
and extremist anti-Muslim Buddhist organisations (including elements of the
Burmese Sanga) in the dissemination of anti-Muslim and anti-Kachin propaganda, hate speech and ideology in furtherance of, and to garner public support for, the
state’s persecution of these groups.

Read the full 5-page indictment here:
PTOM2017 Final Indictment

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